Thursday, July 28, 2016

Slow arriving note from Mindy

Our wifi isnt working and we leave at 4 am tomorrow for safari, so i dont know when you will get this.  Today we divided and went to 4 projects.  Some to the baby orphanage, two groups to womens rescue projects, and the other to a slum orphanage.  It is daunting to go in and work so hard to connect, only to say goodbye at the end of a few hours, knowing that you will never see them again.  The programs we worked at today were even more destitute than anything we have seen so far,  hard to believe.  Yet again, smiling faces, bare feet, horrific stories, 13 year olds w babies and scars, 10 year old  girls rescued from sexual abuse/ parents dead from aids.  We had more street experience trying to navigate the matatu system to arrive at our destinations.  We have a "house mom" Mary, who loves us and feeds us amazing food. We love coming back to the house at the end of our crazy days.  She greets us w  so much love and tonight she had made tacos w homemade tortillas.  The kids were thrilled, she is a magician in the kitchen w very few resources.  We have 8 suitcases of donations packed and ready for the maasai schools tomorrow.  We were listening to the radio on the matatu today and soon our whole group was singing along to "dont worry, be happy"  so that is our message of the day!

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