Tuesday, August 2, 2016

She's home!

She's home!  We waved our Kenyan flag as she made her way up the international arrivals ramp. It was a perfectly embarrassing way to welcome her home. 
We're so happy to have her home, safe and sound. 
Maddie was the perfect bunk mate. She allowed Syd to use her phone to FaceTime me a few times. 

Ok...the phone story. After Sydney and her group packed up and headed for the airport in Kenya, the house maid found Syd's phone.*** FLASHBACK: Syd had left it on her pillow on day 2 when she ran to the 'shower'. When she returned, it had disappears. *** The maid was doing laundry for the tenants that are still there and she found it in the bottom of her laundry basket. Since Syd's group had already left, another group brought it to the airport for her and she had her perfectly fine, passcode locked phone returned. Too bad she missed EVERY SINGLE PICTURE TAKING OPPORTUNITY!  I missed out on all her emails and pictures. I will now force her to sit at the computer and blog the next few days. Hopefully lots of pictures start rolling in from her friends, too. She did ask them to take pictures of her in their nice cameras. 👍🏼 Welcome home, Syd!!!!  -Mom