Friday, July 29, 2016

African Slums

A sobering, amazing day at Kibera slums.  The largest slum in the world, housing nearly 2 million people.  Many agencies and governments have tried to assist, but there is so much corruption, nothing ever really makes its way in to make a difference.........but our kids spread sunshine today!  Laden once again with donations, we trudged through the sewage running in the streets to a small 3 room school house (kind of) housing 66 students.  We made bracelets, gave love, and learned from those amazing children.  Then we were taken to a pub in the slums (not sure why) and told about the 100 proof alcohol sold there that is poisoned with ethanol.  We went to two look out points where we could see over the entire slum area, (while we stood at this overlook, I started quietly singing "Because I have been given much", within a few minutes we had a quiet chorus singing, "because I have been blessed with thy great love dear Lord, I'll share that love again according to thy word.) and then we were taken to a bone grinding shop where they make jewelry and other gifts from animal bones........finally we went to the city and the kids got to do their shopping.  I must say that I HATE cities in third world countries, where traffic comes to a total standstill, there is no order as to who get's to proceed through the intersections, sometimes lasting 20-30 mins.  What should have taken 20 minutes took almost 2 hours!  But when we finally arrived, they were in heaven!  baskets for $3, jewelry for 1$, happy shoppers!  We hurried home to host a birthday dance party for Abi, Alex, and Laura ( the refugee camp teacher).  I made pans of brownies, we hooked up speakers on the patio, and the kids are all out having a dance off.  I wish I could teleport you here to see the joyous abandon of these youth out dancing with some neighborhood kids and the boys that work at the house.  Laura just came into the kitchen with tears in her eyes and gave me a big hug " this is a historical moment in my life that I will remember forever, noone has ever had a birthday party for me!"

Tomorrow is Hells Gate at 6 a.m., I am hoping Sunday will actually be a day of rest!


  1. You have me on tears. You are all amazing.

  2. You have me on tears. You are all amazing.